Hey, I'm TwinGhosts

My name is Joeri and I'm a 25 year old game developer, programmer and game designer from the Netherlands

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Main Skills

Most my free time is spent on game development and game jams. I love working in motivated teams, learn new things within the dev field and in general, and it's awesome to make new connections with people from across the world.


I have been programming (games) for about 7 years now. Mainly focused around C# and Java.

Game Design

Most of my projects have a design document powering the decisions and direction. It keeps me project and task oriented at all times.


Working with GIT and SCRUM tools is something I do automatically. It's the base of all of my projects.


Some of my personally preferred works

Shield Knight

A seven-day long solo game jam about a knight with a shield as weapon. You jump, slide and throw yourself around a single long winded stage to defeat the dark entity at the end in this fast-paced 2D platformer.


A 2D top-down metroidvania on which I have worked solo throughout the summer holiday in 2019. The game is unfinished as of now, but the first world is playable. This project was more of an exercise to keep myself busy during the holiday, but it has a large design document and several supporting design elements documented.

Project Game Technology

An Unreal Engine project made for school in the 3rd year of game development with a team of 6. It's a FPS Grappling Hook swinging game that has procedurally generated levels. The game itself has suffered a bit since most of the project was about process and workflow, but all-in-all we still managed to create a fun little game!

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